Jean-Jacques Viau
Marketing consultancy

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As a trailblazing marketing consultant with nearly three decades of experience, I offer strategic support for your business success, particularly in digital brand repositioning.

Practical, Experience-Based Marketing Solutions

Jean Jacques Viau Portrait - Mobile

As an accomplished online marketing expert specializing in tapping into new target groups and developing innovative approaches to reach them - especially in the digital space - I don't just follow off-the-shelf solutions, but offer tailor-made services that are specifically tailored to your individual needs.

With a focus on brand positioning and a wide range of expertise, I offer you support to save unnecessary costs while optimizing your branding. With my extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence, I will increase your marketing efficiency and effectiveness in a targeted manner.

A trailblazer by nature, JJ pushes digital marketing pasts perceived limits.

Kiran Karnani

Vice-President of Marketing at Leica-Camera Inc.

His expertise and strategic planning resulted in a clear, actionable plan that was within budget. JJ is a pleasure to work with and excels in strategic planing.

Leica Fotografie International

JJ's ability to identify a brand's core values and apply them purposefully in all marketing activities is impressive.

Daniel Gal
Geschäftsführer GAL Digital GmbH
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What is your role as a marketing advisor?

I provide expert advice and guidance on marketing strategies to help your business achieve their goals, improve brand visibility and increase sales. I am also happy to take over marketing tasks for start-ups that don´t have a dedicated marketing team.

What are the key marketing strategies that you can use as a marketing advisor?

I am experienced in both “classic” and online marketing strategies, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), performance/ programmatic campaigns, email marketing and influencers relationships.

How can you as a marketing advisor help grow my business?

I will help grow your business by identifying opportunities, developing customized marketing plans, optimizing current strategies, and providing ongoing support to ensure continued growth and success.

Which types of businesses can benefit from working with a marketing advisor?

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from working with a marketing advisor, particularly those looking to grow, expand into new markets, introduce a new product, a new process and improve their marketing efficiency.

How do I choose the right marketing advisor for my company?

To choose the right marketing advisor for your company, evaluate their experience, communication style, proven track record, and the range of services they offer. While industry experience can be a factor it is less important than the afore mentioned criteria. You are welcome to book an appointment or give me a ring for a first impression!

Can you as a marketing advisor work with my existing marketing team?

As a marketing advisor, I am happy to work with your existing marketing team by providing guidance and expertise, while collaborating to develop and execute marketing strategies that complement existing efforts. I have experience managing multinational project teams and leading marketing teams with up to 12 persons. I like to develop teams and understand myself as a people´s motivator.

What is the difference between a marketing advisor and a marketing agency?

A marketing advisor typically focuses on providing strategic guidance and expertise, while a marketing agency offers a wider range of services, including creative design, content production, and media buying. As for me, I have a long experience in managing agencies most effectively and my personal network allows me to propose the right person or company for any marketing job at hand.

Do marketing advisors provide ongoing support, or are they just involved in initial marketing strategy development?

As a helpful assistant, I am dedicated to providing ongoing support for your business. This means that I will work closely with you to not only develop effective marketing strategies, but also to implement and monitor them on a regular basis. I understand that the market is constantly changing, which is why I will also make sure to adjust these strategies as-needed to ensure continued success over time. In short, my goal is to be an integral part of your team, providing the guidance and expertise needed to help your business grow and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

How do marketing advisors stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and tools?

Working for different customers is a good way to keep an open mind. On top of continuous learning, conferences and workshops, I can rely on my network to exchange ideas and learn about new trends or tools with direct experts.

Why is there a zebra in your company logo?

The zebra in my company logo represents the essential role of changing perspective to discover truths and make informed decisions. The stripes of the zebra seem easy prey for predators at first glance, but on closer examination, they serve as an important protective measure against horse flies and the diseases they transmit. It symbolizes the need to look deeper in order to identify and implement effective strategies.